Who is Valigo?

Valigo Limited (“Valigo”) is a Hong Kong-based blockchain consultancy firm with particular emphasis in ICO practices. Valigo offers full service packages to clients ranging from the development of tokenisation strategies for their businesses to the establishment of proper mechanics for their token sales. Valigo also provides advice and insights to local, regional & international clients by stressing compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements and adoption of the latest best practices formulated in the crypto community.

Valigo provide a full range of pre- and post-ICO services and support by working with its partners, such as the Hong Kong Blockchain Lab and other third-party developers, to ensure not only that their clients’ ICOs launch successfully and seamlessly, but also that their projects continue to build trust and gain positive reputation in the long run after their ICOs complete. Valigo’s services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Providing legal consultation: making sure that relevant laws and regulations are reasonably complied with for every step of the ICO process;
  2. Conducting due diligence: evaluation of the ICO team, business plan, market potential, valuation, competition, legal compliance and security;
  3. Auditing: with respect to the blockchain economy, business model, finance, cryptography, cybersecurity, code, and legal compliances;
  4. Fundraising & fund management: conducting fundraising activities, after which the received funds will be actively monitored by professionals and segregated to be used for various purposes in the project and will be inherently transparent;
  5. Shaping investor relations: finding public investors early in order to get feedbacks on the project and ICO before their launch; keeping investors engaged and updated after the ICO finishes by communicating with them on a regulator basis; and
  6. Compiling quarterly/annual reports: publish professional quarterly/annual reports to keep investors informed about the financial situation and performance of the ICO company, enriching their insights and opening up to more investment opportunities.
  7. Drafting whitepaper: assistance in writing a whitepaper to communicate the project’s goals to the audience;
  8. Marketing: coordination of advertising and marketing exercises for ICOs campaign including building websites and conducting PR activities with audiences via social media platforms and community forums;

In hindsight, Valigo strives to establish its trust and reputation as the go-to-partner for ICO consultancy within the blockchain community. In addition, Valigo pledges to improve the ICO ecosystem as well as safeguarding clients and investors interest through our ICO best practise protocol.

If you have any questions regarding to Valigo service or you would simply like to talk to one of our consultants, please contact us via: info@valigo.net