Email Is Far from Dead. In Fact, It’s Bigger Than Ever. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lots of pundits have been talking about the “death of email,” but let’s get real. In fact, email keeps growing, and we all keep using it. That’s because it is an unmatched, critical communications tool for business on all levels: within companies, between companies, and between companies and their customers.

Email’s shortcomings are obvious, but there’s been progress. Thanks to spam filtering, unwanted email is far less of a problem than it used to be. The biggest remaining hurdle for email has been that it’s too hard to trust it: You never know if a message really came from its apparent sender or not. But with email providers like Gmail adopting email authentication and starting to put question marks next to non-authenticated messages, this hurdle will soon fall.

We took a look at the current state of email to get a sense for how ubiquitous and how useful it is. Check out the stats in the infographic below.

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ValiMail infographic: How email continues to grow.

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