Confirmatory bias

When a team starts to work together, clashes and differences tend to disappear. It often happens that a team has a certain view, a group perspective that matches what the majority of the group agrees upon. Or the leader’s or boss’s argument are validated and reinforced by the feedback generated by the team.

This bias can put the organization in difficulties, can hide solutions and new ideas that could have emerged in a discussion, or argumentation.

When questions like ”how is it possible they (client, competitor, vendor…you name it…) don’t see it as clear as it is for us?” arise, a step backward is necesary. If there is not a discrepant element in the team, just fake it, just assign someone to be “on the other side” and empower that member to push hard for the team to consider this new approach.

A broader vision to takle the problem in question matures in this kind of environment allowing new solutions to mature.