OSX ElCapitan partitioning fails with errors “invalid volume free block count”; “Volume bitmap needs minor repair for orphaned blocks”

Recently, I tried to partition my disk on my Macbook Pro. Very simple process:

  • Open Disk Utility (By default cmd+space button will open the search bar, where you could simply type Disk Utility)
  • Click on your main drive name, which should be something like this “APPLE SSD SD0128F Media”
  • Click partition which is on the top of the Disk utility
  • Finally, just drag the button on the circle, allocate the desired amount of memory. From the right hand side you can edit the partition name, format and size.
  • Press Apply and if the are no problems with the disk it should all

When I tried to do it I got some errors, such as:

  1. Invalid volume free block count”
  2. “Volume bitmap needs minor repair for orphaned blocks

The solution is pretty easy:

  • You will need to restart into the recovery mode by pressing cmd+R on the start up
  • Then, you will see a window which will have disk utility (usually the bottom of the list). Open it
  • Click “First Aid” on the main drive (same as before Apple SSD ….)
  • It will take a while and recover your partition. Afterwards, you can partition your drive either while you are in the recovery mode itself or reboot into the system and do it there.
  • Should be all

I hope it helped.

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