Shaking my head in disbelief: they called me ‘an apologist for fascism’
Giulio Prisco

What you have to realize, hun, is that the “left” in America has been dealt a deathblow by the bankers with the total takeover of the democratic party. The ACTUAL liberal progressives, those who actually believe in real liberty, for everyone, everywhere, and in the right for EVERYONE to exist without forcing them to be slaves for the corporate machine, are no where near as vocal as the shrill illiberal “left” who are screaming at the top of their lungs that failure to support clinton in ANY FORM is tanamount to supporting trump.

Personally, I find both of them to be apocalyptic choices. They BOTH are likely to lead to the end of America as a nation, and are both INSANE choices that the american people are being forced into making by the ever more desperate economic elites.

But what most people ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to accept is that their “ideologies” have been hijacked. None of the “parties” actually even reflect the “values” that they so loudly proclaim. The “Christian” conservatives espouse what might as well be a Luciferian doctorine of self serving greed. The “Liberal” progressives are growing more and more intolerant of anything “different” to the point of becoming an Inquisition. The “Libertarians” talk freedom, but all too many of them espouse methods to achieve that “freedom” that would result in nothing more than a new Aristocracy. I don’t even view “left libertarians” as belonging to the “Libertarian” camp, but just as one more faction of the “liberal progressives” who have been systematically hounded out of the major ideological parties.

But… I did try to warn people of the growing chaos that would come as the economy of scarcity grew ever more unstable. Those who are losing control have saddled us with this horrorshow, all in their efforts to cling to power for just a few more years. The only potential light I see is if somehow, enough of an upset occurs to derail the bankers plans to force Clinton on America, and we elect either Bernie or Jill. I don’t even see trump as a legitimate possibility, because all the evidence screams at me that he’s nothing more than a puppet being used to insure Clinton never had to face a serious Republican opponent.

But I fear its only going to get worse for awhile. All we can do is brace ourselves as best we can for a vomit inducing ride.