Sending multiple requests to Appsync Graphql using postman.

sravanthi vallepu

Today I was stuck finding a solution on a very specific problem: to find a way that to Sending the multiple requests to graphql using postman collection.

As you probably know that AWS AppSync is an enterprise-level, fully managed GraphQL service with real-time data synchronization service we use AppSync is to create and interact with data sources by using GraphQL from your application and also using Postman is an API(application programming interface) development tool which helps to build, test and modify APIs.Using these services Let’s find a solution…!!!

For your better understanding please refer the below links….

Step1: Copy the Graphql url from angular application of “aws.exports.ts” file.

Image 1: copy the graphql endpoint url from aws.exports.js file.

Step2: Add the endpoint url in postman.

Image 2:add the url in postman.

Step3: Copy the Graphql request from console in network.

Image 3: copy the request from console.

Step4: Add the query in postman body.

Image 4: add the query in postman body.

Step5: Now click on runner in postman.

Image 5:click on the runner.

Step6: Choose the folder.

Image 6: Select the folder.

Step7: Add the no.of iterations, then add Delay time in milli seconds and select the json file.

Image 7:Add the iterations, delay time and select the json file.

Step8: Click on Preview your json data will be displayed.

Image 8: click on preview.

Step9: Your json data will be displayed here.

Image 9: Json data will be displayed here by clicking preview.

Step10: Click on Run Collection.

Image 10: run collection.

Step11: Your data hits the API after every 200ms .

Image 11: data is hitting to the API.

Ok, that’s it. I hope you found this case useful! See you next time.

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