Employee Engagement — Engage for Success!!

Because having a successful business is every employer’s dream, the importance of employee engagement can’t be overstated.

An engaged staff of employees have been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a higher rate, and increase your company’s overall chance of success.

When employees are engaged at work, they feel a connection with the company. They believe that the work they’re doing is important and therefore work harder. They are happier both at work and in their lives. In addition, they are your organization’s ambassadors.

In this era, where competition for top talent is fierce, and the cost of training new hires is steep, companies therefore, can’t afford to not engage your employees. Especially when they consider the corollary benefits of innovation, higher profits, and the sheer enjoyment of standing at the helm of a fully engaged workforce.

Because, if you’re completely happy and content in a relationship, why would you break up with your significant other?

You probably wouldn’t!!

Let’s take an example of Tom and Harry:

Tom comes to work early every day, is excited to be at work, constantly comes up with ideas for better operations and is very flexible.

Harry, on the other hand, comes to work on time, goes back on time, barely shows any energy, does the bare minimum and hardly contributes to new ideas.

Which employee do you think is highly engaged? Tom or Harry?

Who do you think a business owner would be more inclined to have?

The answer is simple!!

Companies would want people who are highly engaged with the work they do.

Employees who care about their jobs are more effective communicators with their coworkers, leaders, and customers alike. Disengaged workers may mindlessly go through their day without remembering any of the conversations that they had (if they had any at all!).

Engaged employees will have discussions with each other that could turn into productive brainstorming sessions. Thus, all of the conversations that will spring up within your company because of increased employee engagement have the potential to make your employees more creative.

There is a growing number of employee engagement tools out there. But many of the approaches that these options take tend to over-complicate the issues, fail to focus on what really matters, and are cumbersome for all involved.

End result: They don’t deliver long lasting results!!

And that is very stressful.

If you are thinking, “There’s gotta be another way!!”

You are right!!

Sanarp is AI collaboration software.

The Primary objective of Sanarp is to Increase workforce Efficiency and automation in task.

It enables employees to work better together with secure and organized communication channels to message any employee in real time through broadcasts and polls.

Sanarp’s features includes :

· Employee app chat: Send 1:1; Send 1:1 or group messages without email or phone numbers

· Easily share documents: Easily share documents, links, pictures, and videos

· Push the limits of productivity: Increase response rates, boost employee satisfaction, and reduce turnover to amplify productivity.

· Analytics Dashboard: Measure the effectiveness of your internal communication strategy and employee engagement rates using powerful reports.

To help you get hands on experience, Sanarp is offering you a limited period free accounts.

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For further queries and information please contact team@sanarp.in

Valley Pechimayum

Valley works as a Customer Success Manager with Sanarp. She completed her graduation from Oriental College. She is an animal lover.