A product that changes habits is a success: Medium

I thought a lot about if I should use Medium or not. I haven’t been writing that much anyway in the last 2–3 years… At first I couldn’t see the value of it for somebody like me. I mean, if you are slightly famous or have an audience moving to Medium would maybe help you grow your audience. But in my case, writing is more a reflexive activity, a way to get my thoughts “on paper”. My posts were also a way to organise my ideas and share with the people that visited my website a small glimpse about how my brain works. This doesn’t mean I don’t like Medium, in fact, I read a lot of articles on Medium, simply, because they are f**g good! And on top of it, the app learns about what I like to read about.

Why I started using Medium to write then? Because the text editor is substantially (for the lack of a more emphasizing word) better than the Wordpress editor, not only that, it’s even better than Microsoft Word and Google Doc! Adding that to the fact that it’s connected to the publishing platform, gives it a killer combination. An honorable mention to my friends at OmmWriter thought, they did an amazing job over at Herraiz&Soto.

The point here is, not only started using the platform because their product was better, but I find myself wanting to write more and more again. This to me, it’s a HUGE WIN for a product. If on top of it you add the iOS app that opens up quick and saves my drafts automatically, I don’t even have to save post ideas on my notebook. I guess for the future it would be amazing if I could save voice notes and keep them as audio or even transcribe them. But I’m sure Ev will come up with even better solutions to make everyone write more and more.

One last thought: If you remember blogger or Wordpress, the interface doesn’t show the “write” button very prominently because they probably thought not everyone wants to write, but for Medium, putting the “start writing” button predominantly in the platform I guess was worth it to really take care of the user who actually writes, even if the one that never writes never uses that button. Maybe they even came to the conclusion that their best users are those that, at least, someday want to start writing, and are ok with having the option there, valuing the fact that some others take action and thats admirable.

Summary: Most publishing platforms have always thought about attracting people to write, but not many have reached the product excellence that Medium have reached, probably by thinking about how to make the writing experience better, which at the end, is what kickstarts the whole ecosystem.

One of the really good features of Medium is the simplification of their formatting tool