We are what we understand

In my opinion, for things to go well in your life, it doesn't depend too much on titles you earn. Graduated, Masters, Director or Head are ways to describe what you are supposed to know and, therefore, be able to take responsibility on. But it doesn’t mean it’s true.

The only thing that will really take you somewhere is what you REALLY know. And specially, what you UNDERSTAND (more on this later).

Many people hope that certain doors will open because they show certain self-confidence; or because some social understanding indicates they should be able to do something. But I’m finding more and more situations where certain people is not what their “medals” indicate, and other people are much more than what they seem by “resumé”.

Having the ability to detect how intelligent (with different types of intelligence) somebody is makes a huge difference in our process of becoming who we want to become. Specially since who you go with can very well turn you into one or other kind of person.

Going back to the main idea, my grandmother used to say “nobody can take from you what you know”. And this specially useful in moments of personal or economic crisis. What you know allows you to thrive.

One last thought: Understanding is different from knowing. There’s a general idea that computers are taking over because they think. Computers know things, but they don’t UNDERSTAND them. Understanding is a process that takes time in your brain to be created. It asks from you to connect the dots, to reason, to generate something very complex that can not be easily explained sometimes. And understanding is way better than just knowing. Knowing the definition of success is way different than understanding through the years and experiences what success really means. The same for love, pain, happiness. You don’t have enough with a defition of this words to really understand them. The same happens with what you think about the people you meet. Think twice before generating a definition of each person and try to really understand them, maybe some of the people around you changes.