BHTS: Figure Skating

(BTHS: behind the scenes).

I tollerate most things, but not when foolish basketball players think that basketball is harder than figure skating. The graceful programs (aka ‘dances’ on ice’) do give off the impression that nothing can get easier than this. What most people don’t know though, is how much pain and effort goes into each and every step, jump, and spin.

I was first introduced to this sport when I was 8. My friend and I went ice skating during the winter break close to Christmas. I was doing rythmic gymnastics at the time, so I didn’t start doing it as a sport until much later. At the age of 9 I dropped gymnastics and started skating more often with a coach. I loved it, I really did.

Now let’s take a moment and really think about it. You’re standing on sharp 2mm knives, on a slippery surface where it’s always like 20 degrees. At the same time you manage to do multiple rotations in the air all in one jump, and land on one foot. Doesn’t sound so easy anymore, huh?

Before I begin explaining our off ice training, I just wanted to bring up a point about how god damn expensive this sport is. $100 per hour for a private lesson, $20 ice admission, $1,400 the skates, $700 the dress, and about $500 for each competition you do. So boys please, your $200 Jordans can’t compete here.

Our off ice training is usually two hours per day. This includes 30 minutes jogging, 100 one legged squats (per foot), 200 sit-ups, 50 burpes, 40 push-ups, and other excersies that are really weird which I don’t know the name of. Most of those involve a bench and a lot of jumping. So I would think twice before messing with a girl this strong who also happens to own two very sharp objects.

Another thing: DIETS! Diets, diets, diets. As a figure skater there is just certain food you’re forbiden to eat, such as Doritos (even though I’m quilty of breaking this rule). Our diet is legit just meat and salad. No cake, no dessert, no nothing.

Alright, alright, at some point I did say that I love it, and considering what you just read, you’re probably confused as to why. Here are some things that aren’t so bad:

1. Our competition dresses

Sorry your basketball jersey’s can’t compete either.

2. The ‘tricks’

Much much cooler than getting a ball into a net.

3. The opportunities

Figure skating offers lots of great opportunities such as amazing scholarships, easy way to get a good paying job, and of course being able to do shows. If you’re a good skater, one 2 min dance on the ice can pay you up to $2k.

4. Body GOALS

Just a little heads up: with the amount of excerise we do, literally no one can compete for a better summer body than a figure skater. Figure skating also keeps you really healthy, and even once you retire it’s garunteed that you’ll stick by your healthy diet.

5. Real world

Like many other sports, figure skating, with the right coach of course can make you a much better person. It keeps you in check, so you never really think that you’re better than everyone else. It also makes you more self aware of your surrounding, and more coordinated. It’s helped me in school, believe it or not. I learned how to manage time a lot better with such a jammed schedule. Lastly, helped me avoid doing… bad things after school… because I simply don’t have time.

Much love,

Val ;)

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