Exposed: What Really Goes Down in Middle School

Growing up watching ‘Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’ I couldn’t have been more excited for my first day of Junior High. The thought of lockers, having your own schedule, and a gym class where we actually did gym and not play “duck, duck, goose” for an hour, almost made me squeel with excitment.

Let’s just say I’m not squeeling now. Here’s what they don’t tell you on Nickelodeon TV shows.

The middle school phase really isn’t an ambarrasing year book picture where you have braces and puffy eyes that don’t exactly have eyebrows over them (at least not visible ones). American children to say the least are a little out of control when it comes to trying to make themselves look like they’re already in college (or should be but aren’t cause they’re too cool for college). In other words, picture yourself a twelve year old girl wearing a low cut t-shirt with a face full of makeup as she lip-syncs to rap songs she probably doesn’t even like. Why? My friends, I introduce to you the concept of trying to impress guys.

If you aren’t cringing, you’ve most likely already have been exposed to the horrors of so called pre-teens these days. The constant need of social approval is more or less consuming the innocent children we all ones were. Surprisingly enough, guys actaully seem to be more divested in this than girls. Go and ask any middle aged man about what the most expensive thing he’s spent money on as a child was, and you’ll most likely hear something along the lines of “build your own spaceship kit”. Today though, kids are spending their money on $150 caps and $550 sneakers. Ever hear of Bape and Supreme? A white t-shirt alone costs around $200 for sure. The funny thing is though, the kid with the million dollar sneakers doesn’t even play sports, and a $150 cap provides the same protection from the sun as a normal $10 one does.

It’s hard to imagine who started this trend, or why people were dumb enough to follow it in the first place, but the whole concept of trying to ‘one up’ eachother can definetly get out of hand at times. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of fights boys have gotten into debating wether or not the other kids shoes were fake. Really though, who cares?

Anyways, moving onto a more serious topic EVERY middle school student has faced in the 21st century- drama. I could legit write up a textbook about this, but I’ll make it quick.

We as undeveloped pre-teens don’t acknowldge that there’s a thing called “minding you’re own business”. We see something, we don’t think about what we’re going to say, and we say something. Or we do think about it, and end up going YOLO and saying it anyways. Oh boy.

The hardest part about middle school is finding a friend, or two, and sticking to them. It’s hard to avoid the feeling of wanting to be popular, but as long as you don’t let it corrupt you, you’re all good. My best advice to a middle school student is too not let people change you and you’re priorities.

“Not everyone will like you, but not everyone matters”.

Just to end on a brighter note, I have to admit that once you graduate the 8th grade you’ll be a completely different person. No other time period in your life will give you as many life lessons as middle school will. So don’t stress about it too much, in the end you’re not a starving child in Africa.

Much love,

Val ;)