Realm Database Tutorial For Android — Part 1

The adoption rate of Realm database continues to grow to the point where in my opinion, most new Android development project should use Realm database for data persistence. This is because Realm database solved a nagging developer pain point so efficiently that it is too good to be true. Indeed, I can say from experience that Realm database does save a lot of developer time. Now, Realm database does have its fair share of unexciting workarounds and I will point them out in this tutorial series as well as provide a thorough introduction to Realm database such that even a novice developer can start using Realm database immediately.

This tutorial covers how to use Realm database in Android. To complete the tutorial we will build a fictitious course enrollment app called Pronto School. This app will show a list of courses and students. Each student can enroll in any number of courses. Each course can only be thought by one Instructor and many students can enroll in one course. Here are some screens of the app.

Sample Android App with Realm Database

Sample Android App with Realm Database

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