Cover of Marisa reichardt’s book.

Marisa Reichardt Interview:Underwater

Marisa Reichardt sits calmly in the darkened coffee shop a smile on her face of an excited first time writer. However a crusade follows in her wake against a genre saturated in the same overdone trends, and she will be the woman to lead it. The name of that genre she is about to change — Young Adult fiction.

Marisa Reichardt is a first time author of the book “Underwater”, a tale which follows a young girl by the name of Morgan whom suffers from extreme an Anxiety disorder and PTSD after a school shooting.

“I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life…that’s why I wrote this book because I wished I had a book like this when I was in Highschool”, Reichardt said.

According to Reichardt, the book, attempts to be in part a manifestation of Reichardt’s personality as was Reichardt intentions when creating the book to be a means to help others cope with the same things she did as a young woman.

“I wanted this to be a book that helped bring out the message that people dealing with mental illness that it’s perfectly fine too talk about it with the assistance of a therapist or the of use medication ”, Reichardt said .

Before Reichhardt became a published author, she worked the summers on the campus of Mira Costa helping students with their college applications. She has also worked on other writing such as screenwriting and two unpublished books.

“The advice I’d give to aspiring writers who are on the verge of quitting would be to ask yourself: Do you feel like you can be happy not writing? Do you feel like you can be while, still breathe, be fulfilled, without writing? Because chances are, the answer is no. Writing is hard. And it’s not always fun. But when you write that thing that is good, even if it’s only one line, there is no better feeling in the world. Do you think you can live without ever feeling that feeling again? My guess is that no you cannot. So don’t quit. Just don’t ”, She said

Reichardt has already received an honor for Underwater, it was granted by the “American Booksellers Association” to acknowledge promising new voices in YA Literature in the Winter/spring category along nine other recipients.

“I hope this book translates to all readers and it doesn’t just appeal to one age group or one area of people ”, Reichardt said.

Reichardt has managed to write in one of the quickest evolving genres in the past ten years “YA Fiction” A subsection of this medium which is so massive that it has generated multiple billion dollar franchises.

“I’ve been doing what i’ve been doing ever since I was 15, however with less computers and more pen and paper.”, Reichardt said

according to Reichardt it was still remarkable that she was ever discovered, being picked out from a slush pile of numerous other manuscripts Despite all that uncertainty she ended up with a book deal.

“I just needed to find my voice, this isn’t my first book I had two others I worked on as well , it took me time to find it but when I did everything clicked”, Marrisa said.