Me, My pug and palos verdes

In the darkness of an attic of window who was thought to be a black widow

Me and my mother dreamed of lifes better than this one

One where the government did not hand us food stamps

Ones where me and her were free to dine with the aristocrats

And not dine in blood red seats at a mcdonalds

I always wanted a dog but the widow would always bite the one’s I bought home

I always wanted a house by the ocean, but my mother being destitute and lacking funds it never happened

And now the dreams have all I ever dreamed of are by me

I walk by the cost of palos verdes with my pug 
I rose from the slums into the dreamhouse

I rose from the pounds seeing all my stray dogs being put down by the widows venom

I rose from darkness of the lightless attic to the suns of California

The state of gold my mom called it

when I was young i asked my mom if we should go there and mine for gold

she said to me “Ain’t much gold there nowadays. just crack heads and ladies who did things that aren’t right for fame and fortune “

And now i’m in that State looking at the starless night sky

Just me and my pug now

My mom never got to come to the golden state with me

She never got to see this house that looks over the into cove

She never got to see my pug with its fat face

She never got to go anywhere fancy

She just sat in a white hospital bed

and ate white jello that matched her skin colour, it tasted like banana

And talked about the price is right while I did my homework

I made a promise to take her somewhere nice

But she said “this hospital bed is the nicest thing I have ever known”

And closed her eyes

and now its just me and my pug looking at the starless sky that was like the attic we lived in always darkness but no shining stars

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