The Lantern

My daddy always held the lantern to the dark

to reveal that there wasn't a threat just the trees that rose high up into the heavens

He showed me the night sky and pointed to orion

He told me to be brave

when the howling started in the night he brought out the lantern like always

To show the wolves that came only for scraps not me

We traversed the road braving forward into the unknown

Fear not the night he told me

But I feared it more then anything

I feared the horrors that were not there

The things that lurked at the back of my mind

But it was not those that took my daddy

It was pestilence

He left me with one phrase

The darkest road you’re going to face is your mind

his chest stop lifting up in down in its erratic pattern

Now alone in the forest

I can hear the wolves, I can see the shapes of things that aren't there

But I brave onward into the unknown

uncertain of what was waiting in the deep dark.

but I do as my daddy told me

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