The Way Things Are Is Our Fault.

The future — an ambiguous thought that we as humans attempt to predict and come up with a coherent interpretation of based on our own surroundings. We attempt this marvelously hard task by means of fiction, mathematics and plain old deduction. Sometimes we endeavor to anticipate this rather unknowable future by means of the unreliable human element shown in such books as “Brave New world” Or 1984” by showcasing a world run by ridiculous measures that today seem preposterous. Still however we see elements from these books running and coursing through our new technological society with things such as Data mining, personalized advertising and the revelations brought forward by Edward Snowden in 2013 about the United States Government Data Collection and digital spying. Too many signs of things Orwell warned us about, still do we truly fear the way things are going? After all we are the ones that enabled this current reality, from our inability to even bother reading the fine print all the way too our willful knowledge of the data collection that companies such as Google claimed as their only means of turning a profit. We know collectively as society that these means of collection and data hoarding were going on but we did not fear it or truly understand how pervasive it is. The revelation brought forward by Edward Snowden in May of 2013 opened the collective eyes of the media and the public. Privacy concerns were raised, the United States citizens talked and debated about the tactics that the NSA used to gain access to tech companies databases and their even bigger plans to use apps in order to store spy-ware and other malicious software with the help of Android Stores and most likely the Apple store. The Public was rightfully angry shifting the blame partially onto tech companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook. The public quickly called for Reforms For the National Security Agency some did happen others not so much. Now it’s three years later and the NSA has fallen from the media spotlight, without real change or the ethics of the program being debated. Still a question begs to be answered where the tech companies, politicians, and unregulated military security agencies really too be the full blame of this disaster? Or should the public take part of the blame for enabling these Entities to operate because of our inability to pay attention and read the fine print. We can always find a scapegoat, People tend to be really good at that, but when there’s blame to be had on the public side it is always bulldozed over because public opinion is infallible right? Well if you didn’t notice the sarcasm in that last sentence you are most likely guessing my opinion on that matter is “Nope People let this happen” We as a public ignored the Patriot Act when it was in congress, We as a public let our data be collected so that we could stop getting ads advertising slutty singles in our area, Now it’s up to us a public to make sure if we really do care about protecting our privacy from conglomerates such as our government. That we remain vigilant as a public and understand the ever changing world of technology. Because If we don’t want to fear the future we Must shape it today.

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