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What are DAOs, Why Now?

Within the World Wide Web, collective action is the most important driving force. For creating value, benefitting from network effects, and building culture, collective action enables change and progress for all of humankind. The Internet, in a very short time, has allowed for our instant communication, and has unlocked the ability to connect at scale never before imagined. Now, we’re witnessing what happens when communities, built on the Internet, harness open and decentralized value-transfer protocols. From Wall Street Bets to the Ethereum Naming Service, and Uniswap, and Satoshi to Adidas NFTs, the future of communities is evolving, and maturing rapidly as we gain access to better tools to align incentives.

Communities are becoming increasingly advanced and sophisticated everywhere, but especially within digital, internet ecosystems. Many are decentralized (both geographically and structurally), autonomous in that they are self governing and generally unaffected by volatile political environments, and organizations of people, who work towards shared goals. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are usually communities with defined, decentralized decision making processes, and currencies (usually involving cryptographic tokens and a treasury managed by smart contracts). DAOs are flexible in their classifications. For example, a DAO may be nothing more than a community on a Discord server. It may also take on forms with large implications. DAOs, and web protocols contain lessons and suggestions on how to carry out large, important tasks for society, like deploying billions of dollars, through tokens, to incentivize work, as Uniswap, and internet organization does.

Investor and DAO builder, Cooper Turley, explains DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) as internet communities “with a shared bank account.”

We’re rapidly entering a future where communities can organize, mobilize, and deploy resources according to their ideas and values. The speed at which internet communities operate is often faster than what most legacy institutions allow for. This shift in pace is transforming how many people work, and allowing for a “gig economy” of white collar workers to grow, among other big implications. The most exciting part is that these changes are happening every day. We’re witnessing history together.

What is Valorize

We at Valorize believe autonomous actors organizing into communities is going to revolutionize how society functions. For this future to arise productively, humanity will continue standing on the shoulders of giants. Instead of ‘reinventing the wheel’ every time we build, we reference makings of the past. Value, and lessons, created by people, in communities, with their own lives and stories.

Token minting and deploying is complex, and requires more than just software engineering. Tokenomics is a blend of incentive mechanism design, economics, finance, game theory, software and complex system design, and more — all of which can be studied and iterated, though cautiously.

We’re addressing new challenges that arise from tokenomics, and building standards for governance tokens that benefit web communities by substantially reducing barriers to entry. Groups of people can work productively towards their shared goals with minimal technical experience.

We are achieving this is by providing a ‘no-code’ solution for governance tokens. We research, audit, develop, test, and recommend token standards for communities, so they do not have to spend resources learning from scratch, on their own.


We are currently working with a few strategic partners who are interested in launching a token in Q4 2021. We’re working with them to make those into templates available to others as well. If you would like to be one of these partners, sign up at https://valorize.app .

Launch a Token, Turn a Community Into a DAO. Creating your own token WAS the most difficult part of turning a discord into a DAO. With us, it is not.