“Home isn’t where

You hang your hat.

Perhaps home is much, much more than that.

Home isn’t where you kick off your shoes.

It isn’t four walls.

It isn’t even a roof.

I used to think home

Was just a pile of bricks

But I’m starting to learn it’s much more than this.

Home is the arms

That hold you close.

They stay through the good and the bad they won’t let you go.

Home is the eyes

That smile when they see you

Home is the ears that understand you.

Home is the hope

That a heartbeat can bring.

Home is a reason to live, a reason to love, and to sing.

Yes, home is much more than four walls and a roof.

It’s the people you have who are closest to you.

When I saw you last time, I wish that I knew,

What I’m now convinced of.

“Home” really means “you”.