Note to self: you are not alone.

Sometimes I get caught up in this pain. I get trapped in the lie that I have to face life by myself. That the marks on my skin mean that I don’t deserve to talk about the places I have been. The places I am now. And the places I dream of going on day. I used to imagine a world where I was completely alone. Floating through space. Infinite. Everyone has these moments sometimes. When you just feel all alone in a big confusing world. Maybe it’s the news of an untimely death. And maybe it’s the diagnosis of cancer that’s made its way into your home. Maybe it’s finances or a relationship that used to bring such joy, and now it’s just falling apart. Maybe it’s just your own personal cloud. Maybe it’s sadness that you can’t seem to shake. Whatever it is, we hold onto these things. We hide them behind a mask. And we put on a smile for the rest of the world when we are hurting, broken, unable to breathe.

If you can’t breathe tonight, you are not alone.

Everyone is swimming in an ocean of doubt and fear. Everyone is floating through space and feeling alone. And you don’t have to face the void by yourself. There are people. And there is Providence. And there is so much more to life than the pain. So if you hurt. If you get caught up in the pain. Remember you are not alone. There are seven billion other people in the world who feel the same things you feel. You can be honest. And you can breathe. And you can look at the faces of your friends and your family and the people who care. And when you do that, perhaps the darkness will shrink. Perhaps the light will shine a little brighter. Perhaps you will realize that you were not made to go through life alone. And that you were never made too.