Dreams do Come True for Chuck & Taylor

Taylor and Chuck just made it back from their trip in New York. Taylor was a guest speaker to the leaders of the Open Bible International Church in Queens, New York on Friday and also was the guest speaker for the Sunday morning service. Chuck was the main speaker for the afternoon service and was so excited to have his wife Taylor accompany him this time to the church in New York. Chuck had just told her many nights before that he had a dream that he would be toting her brief case to her speaking engagements. Taylor didn’t think anything about what Chuck said and grimaced at the the thought that he would carry anything for her since she was an “old school” church girl. Raised to believe a woman is always submissive to her husband, cooks and keeps the home clean for her man! She just couldn’t hear of such a thing as Chuck being her aide? Oh my goodness she thought to herself, no way. Yet, here she was standing at the LaGuardia Airport being picked up by the Bishop of the International Church and on the schedule to speak to the leaders of the church in Queens, New York. Chuck had already forged a relationship with the Bishop and was so excited for Taylor to meet these wonderful people he had ministered with on his mission trip to the Philippines six years prior to this trip. The Bishop picked them up from the airport and whisked them quickly to a restaurant because he just knew they were famished after the early morning flight from Mississippi to New York.

The chinese food was delicious, Taylor made sure she told the Bishop this over and over again how much she appreciated the lunch. As they arrived the home of the Bishop his wife and two daughters, Taylor couldn’t help but notice how much the neighborhood reminded her of her home in Oakland. The houses were close together enough for he neighbors to know one another's name and not be a strangers living next door.

The night came it was time for Taylor to speak to the leaders she was nervous and excited at the same time. Taylor’s affirmation was quite simple, “I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM”, I AM ANOINTED, I AM APPOINTED” TO DO A WORK FOR THE LORD!” to summarize Taylor’s message to the leaders she let them know they must have a relationship with the Lord, as a person has a relationship with a friend, you have to talk to God everyday. You must not allow your focus to be skewed by the cares of life, this world’s crises, be positive even when life is giving you a lot of negatives. Find the sunshine behind every dark cloud of misfortune, challenge and trial. The anecdote was simple she said — if you can’t fix it, and the load of trouble is to big, take it to the Lord in prayer and leave it there with the understanding, all things are possible with God. The leaders received the message with hope and a renewed sense of strength and determination to not allow the cares of life to get them down. Dinner was delicious, the delicacies of Filipino food which is not to heavy, a lot of vegetables, chicken and of course rice.

Chuck and Taylor relaxed for the evening in one of the daughters room to rest for the next three nights while she was away at a wedding in the Philippines. The next morning was cold and rainy, bu the weather did not curtail their plans to visit Harlem which was their third time in New York. Taylor bought a few items for the grandchildren and herself. While Chuck took naps in the car the Bishop allowed them to borrow as they scoped out the Harlem area for great buys and good deals. The night would bring them to a wonderful Korean restaurant that was open for 24 hours! The food was scrumptious!

The next day would bring Chuck and Taylor to the church and Taylor would be up after the music ministry of their daughter Josie who sung some wonderful songs of joy and uplifting the people to a joyous shout of triumph and rejoicing. Taylor rises after the elaborate introduction from her husband Chuck. I present to some and introduce to others, my wife, Dr. Taylor Robinson”. Taylor is ready, she begins with a song that introduces her topic, “A Minor Setback, for A Major Comeback” the story of blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46–52 KJV) who sits on the highway begging and hears that Jesus was passing by. She uses his story to tell of the description given to a person to describe their handicap is not the narrative that must be accepted, because when Jesus sees the man who is called blind and a beggar, he gives the man his sight back which in this miracle gives Bartimaeus a hand up to a new and renewed life. After the message was over the hand clapping was quite loud and spontaneous. Taylor humbly sat down only for the Bishop to request she comeback and pray for the people who would like her to pray and lay hands. The prayer for the people was great, the Spirit of the Lord had women crying and young people falling under the power of the Holy Spirit. The Bishop ended the service with an announcement of how Chuck will preach that afternoon at 4 pm.

This time dinner would be at the Filipino restaurant where Taylor would dine on the delicacies of fried fish, avocado drink, and other vegetables that were so tasty it makes my mouth water as I type this story. After dinner and a quick nap at the Bishops house. Chuck is ready for the message he must bring to the larger crowd of people at the Open Bible Church. Leaders from other denominations and churches crowd into to the room to hear this tall, handsome man from Mississippi speak on “What to do when trouble comes”. It was a thunderous, standing ovation and hand clapping event after he preached with a calm and excitement that held the attention of the audience as he described even in adversity how God would be there in every trial, temptation and test. The church people couldn’t wait to get in line and have him pray for them, he laid hands and the people were happy and excited after such a wonderful fulfilling message of exhortation, edification and hope.

Dinner was brought out in the sanctuary as the tables changed the church into a banquet fit for a king. Dishes of filipino food were brought from backrooms and kitchens from around the corner, next door apartments and homes of the members who had cooked for the fellowship. The nuance was wonderful. The people friendly and inviting. The conversation enriching, fun and entertaining with stories of lives changed once they received Christ into their lives. No one said their lives were easy and some even testified of the many trials and test of faith they endured, but God…someone said if it wasn’t for His love and mercy…whew….where would they be….like a ship without a sail.

The evening ended with hugs and picture taking and posts to Facebook of the event that was awarded with certificates of appreciation and ordination for Chuck from the church. Chuck and Taylor both would be well on their way now to travel overseas as a missionary to spread the good news of the gospel. Chucks dream of carrying Taylor’s briefcase did come true. And, all he could exclaim as they boarded the plane back to Mississippi the next afternoon was, “The best is yet to come!”