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We’ve been brought up in a society that tells us it is wrong to put ourselves first.

I believe its all starts in our childhood, where we learn that by pleasing our parents, our teachers and our peers they will accept us.

We’ve learnt to say ‘yes’ when we feel ‘no’ and every time we do that, we disconnect from ourselves, which over a long period of time, we start to seek for outside answers instead of listening to our own inner guidance, some call it intuition.

Life isn’t about knowledge from outer sources, its about knowing how to listen to your own inner wisdom, which starts from connecting to ones self love. — Valquiria

So what is these wishy washy stuff about Self-Love?

In my professional experience as a natural health practitioner and online health coach, where I have supported hundreds of woman with weight loss, toxic relationships, high levels of stress and depression, I have seen from experience that at the very core, it all comes from a lack of Self Love.

Self Love is the MOTHERSHIP of all things. It’s the core where everything in your life begins.

Self Love determines the quality of how you eat, sleep, develop relationships and overall, how the quality of your life will be lived and remembered.

Self Love is something we are born with, its available to us all, you can’t buy it and it is not for sale, but why do most people suffer with a lack of it, let alone master it? My life’s work has lead me to this very same question.

It is said, the human race are the most intelligent species on the planet, but we only have a look around and we see the overworked mum competing in their career while the kids are screaming for attention, the business man on the corner smoking a cigarette, constantly checking his phone, our teenagers girls using online media prostituting themselves for recognition in forms of likes and shares, we only have to turn to our medical industry to see the millions of dollars the government is spending on illness and disease.

I strongly feel that the lack of Self Love is the root cause of the big problems we suffers in this world. We have to encourage woman to feel empowered by living their own Self Love and not seeking it from outside herself.

Valquiria supports women with their emotional, physical health and wellbeing through the power of Self Love. To find out more, visit valquiriaoliveira.com

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