Have you ever had to open a hospital bill and see all those numbers, my God how can it be that many, and your heart starts rushing and you realize THIS IS GOING TO RUIN MY ENTIRE LIFE?

Because I have and it sucks.

You may get to do it, too.

In my case, BCBS of Illinois had agree to pay for my surgery, did pay for it, and then about four months later changed their minds, deemed it “medically unnecessary” and called the money back.

They can do that. It’s legal; I checked. The attorney said I was the fourth person in two weeks to come to her with a story like that. This was in 2005.

I had a full-time job with health benefits. I got preauthorization, did everything right, and they still fucked me. Their employee advocate was zero help. I was stuck with a bill for close to $27,000, which was damn close to my annual salary.

The physician, the facility and the anesthesiologist all billed separately, and the facility was the biggest charge. After this dragged on for months, they called me one day and told me to pay the $1400 and forget the rest. I started crying, and the woman on the line paused and said, “I hope you’re crying because you’re happy?”

I was. I couldn’t explain to her what waking up with this thing on me was like, every single day, how it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up every morning. She seemed to get it, though.

I still ended up paying about $6000 to the physician and anesthesiologist, since they don’t fuck around at all at and were not about to even consider waiving a single cent.

So that’s my story. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

Fuck you, GOP.

Good luck out there, everybody!