Re-elect Hillary Clinton in 2020

The Best Candidate to Beat Trump Is the One Who Already Did

Val Perry Rendel
Apr 7, 2019 · 4 min read

She’s proven she can get more votes. She scares the shit out of Vladimir Putin. What better way to restore our credibility in the eyes of the world and tell Putin to go fuck himself than to make his worst fear come true?

Vladimir Putin isn’t scared of the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, or anyone else. No one in the ever-swelling ranks of 2020 Democratic contenders has the skills or experience needed to clean up the most unprecedentedly-fucked-up shitshow in American history, or repair badly-damaged relationships with our global allies. You wanted me to give the up-and-comers a chance, and I did, and it’s definitely amateur hour.

If you voted for her in 2016, you were also planning to vote for her in 2020 as well, weren’t you?

What possible objections could you have?

She’s not running. Not right now, no. She has NOT stated definitively either that she is considering a 2020 run OR that she has ruled it out. She has indicated in several interviews that she resents having to feed the media narrative about whether she is or isn’t, when male candidates aren’t subjected to that kind of pressure. But there are indications that she is waiting to see the Mueller report (aren’t we all) before making a final decision.

Her time has passed. She’d be prepping her 2020 campaign by now if the majority of voters had been heard in 2016, and this should be her second term. Also fuck outta here with that bullshit when Bernie and Biden are on the table, and even John Kerry gets to “think about” running. The younger ones can have their chance after she’s dead.

The other Democratic candidates would align against her. Yup, probably. That’s what a primary race is for: to winnow out the weak. Let’s see her on the debate stage with some of these Gong Show rejects. I would genuinely enjoy that, wouldn’t you?

It would be 2016 all over again. Really? Let’s see him “win” again with the Mueller report looming and justice closing in from all sides and sealed indictments waiting and all our top intelligence agencies watching his every move. Because I don’t think he can, do you?

I can’t endure another election cycle like that one. I hear you, but Benghazi and emails are no longer effective weapons when kids are in cages and a rapist sits on the Supreme Court. We’ve become (somewhat) better at seeing and calling out the media’s bullshit, and we have the advantage this time of being PISSED. It’s gonna be an ugly brutal misogynistic knock-down drag-out fight anyway, so why not fight for the best?

Get over 2016. You’re comforting/deluding yourself with a fantasy. If this were January 2017 you might have a point, but it isn’t and you don’t, so fuck that. I’m looking ahead to the kind of America I haven’t given up on seeing:

Picture an America where the blue wave sweeps Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office with a Democratic supermajority in both chambers of Congress. An America where Madame President appoints Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement, with the rule of law restored and the public narrative finally reclaimed in the official record, and the rest of the world exhaling in relief that we managed to correct our course while Putin gnashes his teeth at his failure to destroy us.

Maybe even an America that has started learning how to look at its mistakes and prejudices, and grow from them?

HAHA, I made that last one up, but the rest of that dream of America is within reach. After three years of nightmare, it’s finally in reach one last time….IF we have the strength and the courage to reach for it.

I do. Do you?

If Hillary Clinton has no interest in running for the presidency one last time, dog knows I won’t blame her. But she definitely won’t run if she doesn’t know how many millions of us want her and know the truth and still have faith in her; we’ve always been the majority, and we haven’t gone away. She needs to hear it from us. Not from DNC, not from donors, and sure as hell not from the media. We the people elected Hillary Rodham Clinton the President of the United States last time, and we can do it again.

Do you really want to live the rest of your life knowing you didn’t even try?

I don’t.



Val Perry Rendel

Written by

Gestates inside a living human host and has concentrated acid for blood.

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