Sanders: “Democrats Cannot Politicize” Russia Investigation

If you blinked while watching The Situation Room on Wednesday, you may have missed Bernie Sanders’s latest asshole moment: while talking at Wolf Blitzer about former F.B.I. Director and White House Apprentice washout James Comey’s abrupt firing, and its significance regarding the ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, Sanders acknowledged that “Russia has been interfering in elections in many countries all over the world…our intelligence agencies all agree that they interfered significantly in the American election.

Ouch! That must have been quite a mindfuck for hardcore Bernouts, since a crucial part of their narrative is that “the Russia thing” is fake:

That’s what investigations for FOR, Comrade.

They need to believe Putin did not sway the election, because, for them, it proves that Clinton was not robbed of her rightful victory by a foreign conspiracy, and really was a “weak candidate” with “weak message” that somehow nevertheless managed to get the greatest number of votes. So let the record show: Bernie Sanders acknowledges that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. election “big time” — though, as always, he stops short of identifying this as a crucial factor in Clinton’s mathematically-perplexing loss.

And then he went there: when asked what he could do to get his Republican colleagues on board, and whether he had confidence in Sen. Richard Burr’s ability to serve as chair of the Senate intelligence committee, Bernie did what Bernie does best: started talking shit about the Democrats.

We’ve got to stand up now in a non-partisan way. Democrats cannot politicize this issue. It may turn out that, you know what, Trump’s campaign was not colluding with the Russians.”

(I swear to dog that he really did then actually literally add, “Fugeddaboutit.” See for yourself. Shit gets real at the 4:02 mark:)

Video courtesy of CNN and the Liberty & Justice Coalition (LJC); link here.

That’s right; maybe Trump fired the FBI Director charged with investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia because he had no ties to Russia. Also Democrats should not politicize an issue which is by its very nature political — in fact, it’s motherfucking impossible to think of a more political question than whether the president of the United States was and/or is complicit in high treason.

This is a familiar pattern: only the issues Bernie cares about are important, like income inequality and…uh, nothing else, really. Everything else is a trivial distraction, like gun violence, or “identity politics.”

So, wait, which ones of those can’t we do? If by “politicizing,” he means “talking about it,” or “demanding a bipartisan effort to find evidence that leads to answers,” or “not being fooled for one second by the GOP’s obvious bullshit” — then yes, he’s goddamn fucking right we are. And we’re not going to stop.


And then there’s what he didn’t say. He didn’t answer the question about whether he had faith in Burr, or rebuke the GOP’s blatant stonewalling of all efforts to produce evidence that might lead to answers Republicans welcome the Trump coup as their once-in-a-century opportunity to pass their dream/our nightmare agenda of permitless concealed carry in all 50 states, stripping health care from tens of millions, sending women back to alleys for abortions, raping the land of resources, and installing a corporate fascist on the Supreme Court.

Yet Sanders is concerned about Democrats? By implying that they are exploiting the investigations (note plural) to their political advantage, he’s invoking the rhetorical device of paralepsis, a kind of “saying without saying.” It’s not an outright accusation — it’s just a totally legit concern that the party that controls neither the executive nor the legislative branches might go mad with power, maybe.

It’s almost weirdly like he’s more loyal to the GOP than to the party he caucuses with. Maybe it’s because of the boost his campaign received from Karl Rove and conservative super PACs — though he’s not exactly known for his gratitude. Or maybe, just maybe, by continuing to piss all over the Democrats every chance he gets, he’s courting Trump voters to back him in 2020.

His brainwashed cult, for the most part, doesn’t want him to go anywhere near “the Russia thing.” Most of them simply can’t bring themselves to admit they were duped by Russian propaganda, despite concrete proof that 40% of the fake news sites pushing pro-Bernie/anti-Hillary propaganda were registered to domains in Albania and Macedonia. But there also seems to be an undercurrent of fear that the investigations will eventually find something damaging in Bernie’s own numerous personal and campaign ties to Russia.

When John McCain’s former chief of staff says that the security of the United States might now depend on electing a Democratic Congress in 2018, you know it’s bad. Literally all we have to rely on now are the Democrats and their stubborn whining about not wanting to become the puppet-state of a fascist dictator.

Politics is people. People are politics. Every single last one of us as a duty to demand answers, loudly and obnoxiously, until we get them.

And hey, speaking of the need for transparency — where the fuck are the fucking tax returns, Bernie? ____________________________________________________________

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