Valsa Mathew | Womens Care in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Valsa Mathew has been regarded a few privileged doctor degrees- — most as of late, the Doctor of Science (Sc.D) from Tuskegee University. In 1996, she and her spouse got their Executive Masters (M.P.H.) Degree in Health Policy and Management from Columbia University.

Subsequent to graduating with distinction from Monmouth College in New Jersey, she obtained her M.D. degree with recompenses from Columbia University College of Health experts and Physicians. Specialist Valsa mathew was the first American lady to be perceived into the OB/GYN residency framework at The Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. She then completed a two-year post-doctoral association in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at The Sloane Hospital for Women and The Babies Hospital at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.