3 Reasons the Sydney Property Market Won’t Crash

I want to talk about the three reasons why Sydney property valuation won’t crash I mean if you’ve been reading the newspapers right now almost every second day there’s some sort of headline from some so-called expert who thinks that property prices in these are going to crash right but the fact of the matter is Sydney valuation have never crashed and they’re not going to crash right now but before we talk about the three reasons why Sydney prices won’t crash let’s first look at history and look at what’s happened every time one of these so-called doomsday experts has spoken about prices insignias going backwards or crashing so let’s look at history right now okay so here we have a slide showing property prices in Sydney since 1996.

Property Valuation Sydney

now the first thing to notice is that there’s never being a property price crash since 1996 in Sydney if not even and it has never been one even before then so these dooms that experts are talking about something that never ever happened but this is not the first time they’ve made these predictions, in fact, the first time they come out and made these predictions was back in 2004 after a post Olympic Games surge. I’ve highlighted that period here in red now you can see here that prices yeah they dropped a little bit but compared to what had just happened the previous years.

it was nothing but a mere price correction sure you didn’t want to be entering the market in those years. if you’d bought a few years earlier you really didn’t matter to you so then they came and said I 2008 now property prices are going to crash well let’s look at the data there’s no crash their prices just went flat. then there was a beauty that came out in 2012 and said alright now the prices have risen a bit they’re going to crash for now and well we all know what property prices have done Sydney since 2012 right and now 2016.

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