Let’s start off with a scenario: you are working on a new digital product, service or feature. You have already decided on the strategic direction and concept. Now you are creating a prototype that must lead directly — except for a few optimizations — to the final product. Sounds familiar, right?

Utilizing prototypes this way, is a missed shot. A missed shot to create an outcome that solves a real problem for customers. An outcome that is worthwhile. Prototypes are a great tool to discover what people need, what they dream of, what their goals are, and what frustrates them — to name a few things. It is a tool to define, test and learn from opportunities and ideas, and eventually get to the right solution. …

Over the past 2.5 years we’ve been doing tons of Google Design Sprints. Although we generally stuck to Jake’s initial outline, we experimented quite a bit along the way. We jotted down 7 learnings to help you get the best out of your design sprint.

Side note: in this article we assume that you’re familiar with the basic principles and the outline of the Google Design Sprint methodology.

Like we said before, doing voice research is very much different from usual forms of user research. Last time (read pt. 1 of this article here), we shared tips and tricks on the pretest and the observation of your voice research. Today, we pick up where we left off and look at the posttest and reporting of your insights.


  • Plan more time for the evaluation. You shouldn’t ask questions to the participant while he or she is interacting with the voice assistant — this sounds very logical, but it’s counterintuitive for most researchers. That means you have to ask all…

Doing voice research is very much different from usual forms of user research. And yes we’ve learned it the hard way. We’ve turned our experiences into some tips and tricks. Some of the them might seem obvious, but believe us, they’re not. Use them to your advantage :)


  • Take time to explain that the participant is going to test a VUI. Sounds logical, right? Well, it isn’t. Would you ever explain to a participant what a desktop computer is before running a user test? Probably not. Not everybody knows what a Voice Assistant is. Let alone how it works and…

It is only fair to say that ‘voice’ has arrived. Voice assistants are popping up everywhere. And we, at Valsplat, believe in the technology. However, to us the voice trend is bigger than voice. It is about intertwining digital interactions with natural behavior. Or, giving people a frictionless natural way of interaction. Voice is a huge step towards a digital world in which people don’t have to modify their natural behavior to explain computers what they need — computers will simply understand. Before we go too fast, let’s take it one step at a time, and focus on voice first

Creating a style guide for AF KLM Cargo

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (or AF KL Cargo) is a major player in the air cargo industry. Through the combined capacity of three airlines, the company transports a wide variety of goods to places all over the world, both via passenger and full freighter aircraft. Valsplat supports AF KL Cargo in the development of its digital products and services since 2014.

AF KL Cargo works business-to-business only. The company primarily deals with freight forwarders, companies that organize shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution…

Pokémon Go is amazing. Everywhere in the world, millions of people go outside, explore their surroundings and meet like-minded monster hunters. It’s the first time augmented reality has been applied to create a succesful, lasting and engaging experience. It’s like nothing else! Unfortunately, its UX design could definitely be better. No worries, we have some ideas!


Wow, first-time usage is pretty tough. What do I need stardust for? Why would I use that transfer button? Oh, so I can throw Pokéballs with a curve? As a new Pokémon trainer you have to find out a lot of important stuff by…

As UX specialists we often tend to focus on the U in UX. But what about the business side of things? How to integrate the user experience with a business’s objectives? A story about experience design strategy.

At Valsplat we help our clients to design valuable digital products and services. We gather customer needs on a structural basis, integrate user research into product development and help companies to establish a customer-centered culture. Increasingly, our clients need our help in the earliest stages of idea generation and product development.

This is where experience design strategy comes in: the field defined as

We know there’s a large gap between what people say and what they do. Since people make most of their decisions unconsciously, they’re often unaware of their everyday choices. This can make it hard to express needs or desires (if you think people know what they need: watch this (Dutch) video from 1999 in which people are asked whether they think they need a mobile phone).

When evaluating the user experience of existing products or services, this means we focus on observing behavior rather than listen to what participants have to say. But for designers who want to involve users…

Funda is an online platform for real estate in the Netherlands. Just recently, they launched a major redesign of their website. It includes the biggest changes since their initial launch in 2001.

With a leading position in the market, more than 3 million unique visitors each month, and house seekers rating the site with a score of 8,2 out of 10, you couldn’t really say Funda was in desperate need of an all new website. Still, the teams at Funda believed things could be better. They made some simple but crucial design decisions based on data and user insights. …


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