See things positively

Optimism can change the world

Everyday a vast majority of people waking up all around the world have a negative start. This negative start can be attributed to the the person’s attitude or even to the fact that they are tired. From there on in the person has a choice, carry the weight of negativity around for the entire day/week/year/lifetime or choose the path less chosen, the one of optimism.

The burden of negativity has a bad side effect, even though you transfer your negativity to each person you meet and interact with, the weight doesn’t reduce. This is analogous to the behavior of bacteria.

For the few who choose optimism they will immediately feel the release of the weight off their shoulders…and what’s more is they now have the power to subtract the burden from those negative acquaintances.

This moves us in the right direction…

The destination is a more happy and productive world where each person can smile, causing a ripple effect of happy influence. With each day dawns another opportunity to make this important choice. So start tomorrow and soon enough your energy will increase and you will find that life opens up new doors when you are optimistic.

Optimism beats Pessimism every time

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