What is “Big Software”?

Is it just our imagination, or has software become massive? The prevalence and scale of software is growing exponentially in tandem with the massive expansion in power of computing and networking technology. As the size of this Big Software increases, so grows the scale of risks and the need for coordination and control which are already today beyond manual management.

Just as the word Big Data is used to mean a data set with size beyond the ability of commonly used computing tools, the definition of Big Software is a system with size, complexity and dynamics beyond the comprehension and control of traditional software organizations and their methods. Like Big Data, Big Software calls for a new paradigm of more intelligent processing tools and technology. Today we live in a world where a hybrid mobile Hello World application with all its open source dependencies is composed of more than a thousand open source components and million+ lines of code! …


Valtteri Halla

CTO and Co-founder of Codescoop www.codescoop.com

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