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ValuableCoins is a low supply deflationary BEP20 token on the BNB Chain (A.K.A Binance Smart Chain). ValuableCoins is a fair-launched project with no presale, private sale, venture capitalist funding, or any type of private investors that would have any advantage over new investors. The initial and max supply of ValuableCoins is 60,100 coins. Over time as users buy, sell, make transfers, and stake VC (ValuableCoins) the supply will be taken out of circulation which in theory can attribute to price appreciation.

Staking Details

ValuableCoins has one of the best staking models in all of defi. Our staking model favors who view our project as a long term hodl. We pay out some of the highest apy in all of defi. Staking details can be found in our medium post that covers staking extensively down below.


ValuableCoins has been audited by an independent auditing companies. Solidity Finance has concluded that VC smart contracts are secure and hacker proof. Please check out both audit reports down below

Solidity Finance Audit :

Token Information & Distribution

ValuableCoins (VC) Contract:

Initial Supply: 60,100 tokens

Token Distribution Details : PancakeSwap (80%), Immediate Staking Rewards (10%), Future Staking Rewards (5%), Marketing Wallet 1%, and finally Developer Bonus (4%).

Token Distribution Explained: 48,080 tokens will be added to pancakeswap for users to trade. 6,010 tokens will be placed in a smart contract to payout initial stakers who stake VC. Developers has no access to these 6,010 tokens. 3,005 tokens will be placed in a token lock smart contract that will lock these tokens for 2 years. These tokens will be used in the future for staking rewards when the 10% initial rewards run out. VC is not an inflationary token, no more can ever be minted, however we will thing of a way to reward users long term throughout the years. 601 tokens will be held by the developer for marketing and developmental purposes. The dev and marketing wallet is down below. 2,404 tokens will be locked away in a smart contract for two years and this will be the developers tokens for creating ValuableCoins.

Dev Wallet : 0x8BdD8aa79b118BB007208B3496E0Ed53D76d35eF

Treasury & Lp Leveraging

In order to keep the staking protocol of VC sustainable to VC team plans on partnering with pancakeswap in order to get farming pools open that utilizes VC/BNB lp tokens. Once this partnership is completed we can leverage our platforms lp to earn yield in order to do continuous buy backs. PancakeSwap also occasionally updated their decentralize exchange. With this in mind we will keep our lp lock on a rotating schedule.



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