The Rising Intelligence in Mobile Applications

The Rising Intelligence in Mobile Applications: ValueAppz

There is no denying the fact that we are moving from a smart world to a smarter one. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and things like IoT creating a stir in the market, we are not far from the world in which artificial intelligence is going to be a dominant force.

The impact of AI can be seen on almost every facet of life these days. From smart watches and smart devices to smart homes and smart cities, things are changing at such rapid speed.

This rapid change has also brought forward the demand of smarter mobile apps — apps that can do a lot more than anyone would have ever thought a few years back.

From Apple’s Siri to where we are now

Apple’s Siri was the first successful commercial trial of AI in mobile app development. And, we all know the success it garnered and where it is right now. From Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Viv, there has been a substantial rise in the number of AI incorporated mobile applications; opening the doors of endless possibilities in mobile app development.

From being in a state of infancy, we are now at a stage where machine learning has become more advanced. Developers are working towards making the most of the possibilities that machine learning presents; creating intelligent interactions between the machines and humans.

A few examples from the mainstream

To bring a clear picture of how rapidly things are changing in the mobile app market, we bring forward to you a few examples from the mainstream brands that are making the most of AI by incorporating it into their mobile applications.

TacoBot — the app that not only takes the order but also recommends food items you should try and answers all your questions related to the products. The app has been released recently by TacoBell

The second app that we have for you is My Starbucks Barista. This AI powered app places orders for the users itself. All you have to do is tell what you want and that’s about it.

These are just two odd examples; there are plenty more apps that are making use of artificial intelligence to present a never-before user experience to the customers.

Where’s the future headed?

The future lies in giving people a more personalized experience. And, AI is going to play a major role in helping the business achieve this. With top names like Amazon and eBay already stepping up their game, by having succeeded with their AI mobile apps in the past, we are definitely going to see lot more of AI being incorporated into mobile app development in the coming time. The future is going to be about mobile apps becoming smarter and more intelligent than they are currently. And, we are going to see businesses targeting strategies to offer a more personalized experience to the users with the help of these AI based mobile applications.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that AI is going to redefine the term personalization in the near future.

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