We apologize for the delays in getting this out last week as we earlier announced. We wanted it all to be fully ready without any glitches.

Here is the direct link for it:- https://valuecash.info

Youtube video explanation of the Prototype:- https://youtu.be/y8BkwW-CFrw

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With this, everyone can now have a practical view of how PoT will work and the amazing benefits of holding ValueCash. The prototype also shows the rewards part of PoT blockchain technology and its direct application to commerce transactions.

Our Crowdfunding is still ongoing at $1 per token. We are hoping the tokens left will all get purchased up this month, so we can immediately move on to listing on exchanges and commencing the other parts of the project as stated in the Roadmap in our whitepaper. …

The most amazing and lucrative part of PoT blockchain technology is its unique and first of its kind reward system structure that enables every ValueCash user/coin holder to earn as they carry out their regular day to day spending activities. Check out how it works below:-

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Merchants and Users (Buyers) are rewarded for every successful transactions being made with ValueCash coin 2% : 5% respectively. …

We are super-excited to announce to everyone that our PoT Prototype demonstration will be ready within the next one week.

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What is the Prototype meant for?

We want to further demonstrate the genuineness and the real-time possibility of PoT Protocol to the ordinary day to day commerce transactions.

One of the most interesting and innovative part of the ValueCashproject is the bringing to reality an opportunity for practical applications of the blockchain technology to regular brick and mortar commerce transactions. …

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