How ValueCash PoT Protocol will reform the Click & Brick Market.

ValueCash is a completely decentralized and self-governing E-Commerce entity, with which holders can use their acquired ValueCash for payments of goods and services while also creating more through their purchases. The ValueCash ecosystem is designed to contribute its distinct protocol as a key component of the growing crypto-economy and a market driving catalyst in disrupting the existing status-quo of the E-Commerce & Brick Market and the Blockchain Technology.

To achieve this, ValueCash announces one-of-its-kind protocol, called Proof-of-Trade — PoT, which combines the robust concept of Commerce and the Blockchain Technology, using cryptographic techniques to create value and reformation.

The PoT protocol is configured to put power into the hands of the ValueCash community by becoming validators to the transactions they perform and get rewarded for performing the transaction. Each trade transaction completed between a Buyer and a Merchant will generate 10% new coin of the transaction value in price performed between the 2 parties, this means that new ValueCash will be generated after every successful transaction between a Buyer and a Merchant. For instance, if Mr. A buys an iPhone from Mr. B worth 100 XVL, 10% of the transaction value which is 10 XVL, will be created as new ValueCash coin and will be distributed among the Buyer, Merchant, Affiliate and ValueCash Project Development in the ratio 5:2:1:2 respectively (see diagram above).

This implies that buyers get 5% discount each time they patronise a merchant using ValueCash as a payment option, merchants get additional 2% profit for product or service they offer, affiliates get a lifetime reward of 1% when they are able to introduce merchants to accept ValueCash as a payment option while the ValueCash Project Development team gets 2% for the Security of the ValueCash Blockchain network, future development and Marketing.

Valuecash introduces its unique halving system which will occur whenever the total ValueCash E-Commerce Transaction Volume hits 18 000 000 ValueCash. This means that when halving occurs, the new coin creation system reward will be halved (i.e reduced to 5% instead of the 10% ) which will also be shared accordingly in the ratio specified earlier.

The halving will be experienced each time there is a total PoT — Proof of Trade Transaction Volume of 18 million.

Within few seconds of transacting through the ValueCash platform, you will be rest assured that it’s lightening speed of delivery is second to none while the team is bent on reforming the cryptocurrency ecosystem beyond limits, putting power into the hands of the common man should also not be overlooked.

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