Challenges Faced by Businesses to Hire iOS App Developers

Hire iOS App Developers

The smartphone landscape is changing rapidly with the growing number of Android and iOS operating system users. Looking at the statistics released in the month of July 2016 and taking it into consideration, Apple Inc. has sold over 1 billion iPhone devices since its inception in the year 2007 and it’s hard for anyone to ignore so many users. Plus, it has increasingly raised the demand for many app development companies to hire iOS app developers who are technically sound in the iOS app development environment.

Moreover, the two programming languages used by the app development companies to hire iPhone app developers are Objective-C and Swift and it was the most sought after technology in the year 2016.

In this blog, we will discuss about the challenges faced by business to hire iOS App Developers.

Identification of App Development Requirements

You cannot create all apps equally. It can be a simple one or a complex app with integrated API’s in it. Before thinking about developing a mobile app the business should identify its app development requirements for developing their business mobile app. For instance, what exactly do you want from their mobile app?. Once, all the requirements are decided you can start with the development process.

Requirements of Business to Hire iOS App Developer

  1. Experienced in Developing User Experience on Small Screen Device

The requirement for the businesses while they hire any iOS App developer is whether that iOS developer has good enough experience to create the user experience on a small screen device. Because the application development process for the desktops and smartphones are two different things.

2. Ensures Security for Mobile Application

Many mobile app analysts have stated that password authentication is one of the most vulnerable thing in a mobile app. Hence, another requirement for the businesses is to develop the secure mobile app application so that the user security is not compromised.

For that, they need some good experienced iOS developers who has great knowledge about integrating security in a mobile app.

3. Knows How to Get App Approved from Apple App Store

Before making any app the businesses doesn’t know about how to get their mobile app approved by the Apple App Store. Therefore, in that case, companies should try to hire iOS app developers who has the knowledge about the methods and policies of how to get their mobile app approved on the Apple App Store.

Because the approval for any mobile application on iOS operating system is very lengthy as it includes the conversation with Apple regarding the issue in working of a mobile app.


Before hiring any iOS developer for the development of the mobile app for business. The businesses must check the complete experience of the iOS developers they are going to hire properly and ask them about the technical aspects related to iOS app development. In addition, the business should ask the hiring developer “what app they have developed?”. Also, they should ask them what they will do differently now from the past to develop your business mobile app perfectly.