10 Must-Have Amenities in Apartments

Suppose that you are seeking for the Apartments for Sale in Bangalore that too in your budget. As everybody knows that if you demand more facilities you have to pay more. And it is also important to say that if you buy something precious and costlier and that thing is fulfilling your needs that it worth the money you invested. Similarly, that also applies in the case of apartments.

It is not surprising to hear of people getting hopeless deals with home purchases. What should be the dream home can end up the place with few unsatisfactory aspects. This condition is completely avoidable if you guarantee that the apartment you are considering offers the amenities you really expect. Luxurious expectations sideways, there are few amenities you should not compromise on if you are seeking forward to be satisfied in an apartment.

Here is a rundown of must-have amenities you should emphasize on-


With space turning into insufficient in cities, high-rise apartments are common. Giving lifts in apartment blocks is essential if the building is large and they have good power backup too.

Water Supply

Water scarcity is turning out to be common in metropolitan cities. You can ignore future brawls by verifying if there is 24/7 water supply in the apartment block.

Power Backup

An important amenity especially when you reside in a city known for regular power cuts. Some localities are inclinable to power cuts, so you should make sure that the home you are purchasing must-have good power backup.

Security Services

General security provisions are essential in the apartment block. Whether it is round-the-clock security personnel or automated security devices, an unprotected apartment block is the worst choice of investment.

Parking Space

Nowadays everyone has one or more cars and hence this makes parking space is most wanted. Purchasing a home that does not has a good amount of space for parking results in years of conflicts with regards to searching the parking space. Keep in mind, covered spaces are perfect.

Recreational Facilities

As the demands of urban residents boost, apartments must need fully provide recreational facilities within premises. This could consist of play are for kids, swimming pools, gymnasiums or tennis courts. Enough maintenance of these facilities is an essential factor to look for.

Access to Common Spaces

Being an apartment owner, you are allowed to have access to common spaces such as function halls, terrace and so on. Prior to approving for the purchase, try to understand the terms of access to make sure you obtain what is rightfully yours.

Waste Disposal

It is a good idea to check on waste disposal techniques followed in your apartment complex. If your city has regulations with regards to segregation as well as disposal of waste, verify whether the apartment has a system to make sure the same is conducted.

Vastu-compliant Designs
To several purchasers, a Vastu compliant apartment design is crucial. Apart from the religious reasons, Feng Shui or Vastu are depending upon the science and practicality. For example, an east-facing apartment will have sufficient light and ventilation. Prefer asking about the same before you purchase a home


Living in the apartment with no adequate space can get frustrating quite rapidly — lack of light, lack of air, lack of privacy — it’s sufficient to make anyone insane. Emphasize on the flats that have the much-needed open space.


These fundamental amenities can go far in making you realize the agreeable home-owning experience. Don’t compromise with your requirements but invest in the property that fulfills them.