driving for a living

There are lots of discussions these day about Uber drivers getting the jobs from regular taxi drivers. I feel sorry for the taxi drivers that probably feel outdated like horses felt when cars appeared. It is only the normal, third industrial revolution, the internet revolution, and all they can do is adapt to the technology or disappear.

But the most important thing is that both categories of drivers, Uber or regular taxis, fail to read hacker.news. If they would have, at least from time to time, they would realize that all their stress is futile, and this profession as a whole is already doomed. Automatic, self driving cars are the future, they are cheaper than humans, more reliable and safer. In 20–30 years will be driving a car like we do now horse riding, probably on your own estate or in a closed circuit, as a diversion.

PS. and no more hitchhiking either.

Originally published at Elzo Valugi.