Samson Positioners and Limit Switches

Samson Controls manufactures Positioners and Limit Switches to provide customers with quality Valve Accessories for pre-built Valve assemblies as well for aftermarket purchases. Positioners and Limit Switches are essential pieces of industrial Valve installations. Samson products allow your Valve application to operate at maximum efficiency. Since virtually every industrial Valve installation can utilize Positioners and Limit Switches, Samson offers a variety of models and designs to meet situational requirements. Samson Positioners ensure proper valve assignment and control by comparing issued control signals with the travel or angle of the Control Valve. Positioners are available in Pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic models, with PROFIBUS-PA, Foundation Fieldbus, and HART communication protocols. Specialized housings, including Stainless Steel, are available to meet application requirements.]

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