Courage first

I was always told to work on things that are valuable and worth doing but first to make attempt. You may like it or not, the moment you try new stuff, you build a certain kind of an attitude which will assist you in building confidence, courage and dare to anything that’s coming along its way. This attitude which you develop, if taken care, can become a great inner support to you, at all times.

You need to trust yourself more than you trust others. Trusting others builds a strong bond, but trusting yourself builds a strong internal connection which can’t be broken by anything or any one or any situation. This inner support will be by your side every time you are about to make an attempt on your journey, in your field of interest.

Failing is not wrong. Doubting isn’t a crime. Falling isn’t a mistake. But they will become true, when you doubt on yourself if you can succeed or being afraid of failing in the middle or falling in the end. Success doesn’t have any short routes. You gotta take the right(painful) way. Only then you will feel the importance of the final fruit.

If you believe you can make it to the first step, do it. Don’t turn back. If you did, check if you have made a progress. If you lost anything precious, tell yourself you lost it bcuz something more amazing is going to supersede it. You are brave, soldier! Keep trusting yourself than in others' words. Believe that you can do anything you dream of ! Put your trust in God and He shall protect you at all times. Peace to you✌

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