Crowdwiz is a decentralised, fully open source platform that allows the creation of financial products to help companies and individuals raise funds, generate public support and implement democratic decision-making. The platform will be used for venture capital investment, crowdfunding, public voting and other financial activities.

CrowdWiz uses blockchain technology to create products for companies and individuals who want to raise funds, generate public support and implement democratic decision-making. These products include equity tokens, venture capital investment, crowdfunding, public voting and other financial instruments.


Our mission is to bring greater decentralisation and trust to the crypto space with a crowdfunding platform that helps investors make more informed decisions. We strive for transparency, accountability and responsibility in order to achieve a sustainable business model that allows us to deliver value back to our community and its members.

It aims to provide the whole cryptocurrency market with a transparent, secure and democratic investment ecosystem which will enable users to create their own funds and trade them in an asset backed fund marketplace.


Crowdwiz platform that provides efficient solutions to real-world problems. Users get to decide what projects they want to fund on the platform and participate in the decision-making process.

It is a platform where you can create your own ICO, crowdfund and manage your funds raised. It gives you the opportunity to become an investor in the future of finance through our innovative products. It enables investors to manage their crypto funds and assets. On the one hand, it's a decentralized investment ecosystem and on the other hand - a fully open source blockchain platform.

Crowdwiz is a platform with built-in governance tools that allow users to create their own cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum protocol. It's a simple and easy to use platform that allows anyone to create their own token in minutes, giving them 100% ownership of their tokens and full control over its functionality. The platform has been designed to make the process as seamless as possible, allowing users to focus on what matters most: marketing and developing their business idea.

A crowdfunding system where participants can create and manage Decentralised Autonomous Funds. A DAO is owned by everyone that purchases tokens, but they vote on investment decisions through the use of blockchain technology. It allows its users to participate in the future of their investments by making informed decisions and have a say in the projects that get funded.

Crowdwiz provides tools to make your ICOs and cryptocurrency investments smarter, safer and more profitable. The Crowdwiz platform comes with a set of tools that will allow you to pick the best ICOs, manage your portfolio seamlessly, liquidate or hedge against volatility or participate in a new kind of asset-backed lending pool.


CrowdWiz is built on Binance, which utilises the wisdom of the crowd to create a transparent, trustworthy and a decision making ecosystem. At Crowdwiz we believe that the future of defi technology is not just about raising funds or creating new cryptocurrencies. It’s about creating a fully transparent and trustworthy ecosystem that allows everybody to benefit from the technology.

A platform with over 100,000 users and a development team with over 10 years of experience. It is fully open source and free for all users. Please follow the instructions on the CrowdWiz website to start using CrowdWiz:

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