Challenges faced in design process & pointers to overcome them.

When I first started working on VWO, I came across many instances which have led me to wonder: Are enterprise applications(B2B) really that different from consumer apps(B2C)? How does the difference matter to the designer and the design process?

Here’s sharing some pointers that I have experienced over the past few years, for designers who are looking to join enterprise teams or are working on one.

What is an Enterprise Application?

Here’s how wikipedia defines it — An enterprise application is a computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than those of individual users.

Being a designer in technology, often times I am casually enquired by friends, students, fellow co-workers - about designer titles like - interaction designers & usability designers. People who want to start designing, read about numerous terms and googling these leads to a detailed article on each term. But not many resources come-up, that compare the terms side by side.

A logical way to understand these titles would be to treat them as roles, that designers fulfil on the way to designing a product. You may start as a general all-purpose designer, & if you are particularly good at a…

If you are even remotely associated to the web or technology industry in any way, chances are, you might have come across the most popular design role in technology these days - UX Designer. You may have even heard of the double-decker — UI/UX Designer (don’t even get me started on that). User experience (UX) is a critical, no-compromise area for every product’s success, and UX Designer may seem like a logical title for the person responsible for designing it.

However, after having worked as one, it has hit me more than once, that it might be an immature term…

Varun Mohapatra

Lead Product Designer at / | Technology Enthusiast |

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