The Leader

With the advent of a beautiful thing called as Smart phone, for me, Toothbrush is no longer the first thing which I touch daily.

So my usual morning goes like, Wake Up → Look at window → Determine time of the day → With a blast of light, try to confirm the observation with my phone → As the eyes come to senses → Open whatsapp !

We have a group run voluntarily, wherein daily one member (on basis of a roster) submits a word. And all others use that word.

This word of the day initiative is running quite spectacularly since last two months and as I write the group has 60 words, and all of them are highly unique.

Now that the group is running well with almost 20 active members (who frequently contribute), today, while having the shower, my brain decided to wander off to the time when this initiative started.

The group, I mentioned initially is a normal group which we use for our toastmasters club!

One fine day, Stalwart of our club, Deepak Mittal messaged in the group- A word and its meaning and announced his intent of learning a new word day after day! The remorseless skeptic I am, seeing that post I chuckled.

“Good lord! Here comes another man who thinks that forcing something on majority when the majority is not ready for it!
Such ideas and people are doomed”, I thought.

But, little did I know that Deepak is made of different material.
Rather than quitting, or forcing people to join, he started walking alone.
Day after day, at 7AM he posted a word, its meaning and example usage.

Seeing his dedication and commitment, few others including me joined the bandwagon!

We started posting word and using it!
As we started chipping in, Obviously Deepak’s efforts reduced.

However, in those initial days, our participation was erratic and sometimes we’d forget to post, and during those times Deepak was our dark knight! He used to cover for all of us!

Sometimes we used to shoulder that responsibility.

As members joined in, count religiously increased and now we have almost 20 people who contribute, and now finally, Deepak can enjoy fruits of his handwork.

This incident reminds me of the football match between Liverpool and Ac Milan in 2005.

Trailing 3–0 by halftime, Liverpool were in deep shit as I would say.

Well oiled Milan attack was slaughtering Liverpool midfield and defense. When all hope had faded away, when future appeared bleak, it was their captain, their leader Steven Gerrard who took on the Ac Milan juggernaut, scoring a super human goal, running all around the stadium, cheering his teammates, asking them to fight back and win!

His example motivated Liverpool to do the impossible, win Champions league final against a team which was considered to be THE BEST .

Both these incidents have taught me the essence of leadership and wishful thinking.
Deepakji and Gerrard decided to think that success was possible and they had a strong belief that their team would do it!

Now, their team… Do you think their teams were capable?

If they were capable, why did they falter in first place?

Two weeks gone by and no one posting words, or a 3–0 trailing score by half time.

This is where the sprout comes…

Capabilities never matter in world out there, If capabilities were the king, Bheeshma would never have lost against Pandavas. In real world, I believe it is the trust which matters.
When their teams saw, their leaders bleed it out in open, they saw their commitment and intent, team developed a trust with captain’s/ leaders and started aligning themselves with leaders goals.

This led me to believe, that act of leadership is all about gaining trust of your team/ followers/ people and acting upon the trust.

And whatever you do to achieve that trust, As a leader you are justified.

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