Do you Vespa? — Global Marketing Campaign by Vespa

Back in 2014, Vespa, a global automobile brand has launched its campaign to give an overview of the attitude and the personality of the Vespa riders who walk their own path, who are self-confident and stand out from the crowd.

In one of the several videos it launched, It features a young man relaxing in an inflatable pool on the rooftop of a skyscraper with a caption “Do you Now?” Then comes a young woman painting on the chirped walls with a caption reading “Do you Fantasy?” Then a working professional moving in the huge crowd along with them suddenly walks opposite to the moving crowd with a caption reading “Do you Different?” Then a young lady passing by on the street leaves a hand impression on a wet cement footpath with a caption reading “Do you Me?” Then an army person running past through border post with a caption reading “Do you Heart?” and the film ends with a close-up shot of the Vespa and the caption reads “Do you Vespa?

Later this video was repurposed with different captions in different regions for different product launches. For each of these videos, it got several thousands of views on YouTube and there was an increase in sales of Vespa. It also launched website for Vespa rider community to share their stories.

I loved this campaign because as rightly said by CMD, Piaggio India

“A brand like Vespa goes beyond just the category it operates in and presents an ideology — a way of life. There would be those who identify with it that end up being Vespa riders. The campaign gives a perspective on the Vespa ideology and aims to attract more fans.”

I’m a Vespa rider even before the campaign was launched and when it was launched, I felt very happy because I can identify myself with several captions in these videos. It’s more personal well-executed campaign which could call people to become a Vespa rider.

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