Back in 2014, Vespa, a global automobile brand has launched its campaign to give an overview of the attitude and the personality of the Vespa riders who walk their own path, who are self-confident and stand out from the crowd.

In one of the several videos it launched, It features a young man relaxing in an inflatable pool on the rooftop of a skyscraper with a caption “Do you Now?” Then comes a young woman painting on the chirped walls with a caption reading “Do you Fantasy?” Then a working professional moving in the huge crowd along with them suddenly walks opposite to the moving crowd with a caption reading “Do you Different?” …

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Currently Social Grader is not available and as per their website, it’s currently being upgraded. You can ask the status of the Social Grader yourself by clicking here.


Vamsi Thota

Digital Marketing Strategist @MutualMobile | Visual Designer | @HootsuiteAPAC (IN) Ambassador | @PlusAcumen Corps Member | Rebrandly Brand Ambassador

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