Science & Spirituality

In short, Modern Science is all about identifying sound and calculating it with decibels whereas Spirituality begins when we recognize the music and soak ourselves in to it. Sometimes life will become like an unbearable unavoidable sound. Its only because we ignore to identify the music within it.

Calculating Sound in decibels is must for our survival, in other words science is essential for our survival but we humans cannot stop with survival, we need comfort, pleasure and many more. Our real misery begins only when we are done with survival. We are not built to just survive and die one day. Sound is not enough, we are suppose to enjoy music in every aspect of our life.

Experiencing Joy is our essential quality. Science will give us information or processed and organised data that could be useful for our survival purpose. Here comes spirituality, which gives a meaning for our survival and then turning our life in to joyful living.

To enjoy the presence of our own flower we must deal with the mud initially. The only way to turn our painful life in to a joyful living is to consider both Science and Spirituality not debating about Science vs Spirituality.