Where does VR need to improve.

Virtual Reality is hands down the coolest ever (maybe I’m a little biased). I see VR becoming a regular way of people interacting with media. It gives a different perspective and a more immersive experience. With a society placing more emphasis on experiences, VR is able to deliver different experiences in the comforts of your home.

However, people that have been using virtual reality claim that the picture that they see has really bad resolution. This is true because of the fact that to see virtual reality, the screen has to split into two and the viewer tricks your eyes, which gives the perception that you are in an alternative universe. This inherently reduces the resolution.

The problem here is the hardware. We are so spoiled with 4k resolution pictures and hi definition video that anything below this is dismissed as something that is not worth your time.

The second aspect virtual reality that needs to be improved is the software. Imagine having a cell phone without any apps. That would make it a glorified brick with a shiny screen.

What’s the point of this?

Although there is a lot of cool videos and pictures on virtual reality headset, it is hard to navigate through and find new content. In addition, there needs be a better way to interact with other people in virtual reality. Facebook is working on creating socialvr as way to interact with those around the world.

The last part that needs to be improved is the actual content. 360 video is inherently different from traditional video. Learning how to tell a good story that captures interest is difficult. Just compare how far videography has transformed from the introduction of the camera to know where we have freaking drones taking awesome aerial videos.

Virtual Reality has a lot work that needs to be done before it becomes a common media outlet for our daily consumption, but I’m excited to see where it will end up.

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