Are there any good APIs out there that integrate well with GroupMe?
Ryan Ortiz

I’m not familiar with GroupMe, but I can see they have a Public API which also includes a section on Bots. They also seem to have a neat Bots Tutorial which may be helpful.

As far as I can tell it shouldn’t be hard to integrate it with API.AI’s API, or any other similar API for that matter — the only purpose of these APIs is to process a sample of “natural language” (text message, or speech) and return some useful action, something that tells your software what to do next. For example, your software would get a message from GroupMe, fetch a response from API.AI based on that message, and then send back an appropriate message to GroupMe.

As for the websockets part of you question, I’m not sure I understand it… You can set up a callback url on your end, and there you’d basically “listen” to the appropriate conversations. Per their tutorial article: … each message sent to the group by any member will be posted to that callback url 

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