Discover How to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally

Your quest to stimulate hair growth naturally without using any chemical products can result from various things. You may want a fuller, thicker head of hair that flows down past your shoulders. There may be brief periods of hair loss that took place and you are looking for a way to restore your loss of hair. It can be any number of reasons that have you on a search for natural methods to promote hair growth. Here are some easy ways you can stimulate hair growth naturally.

Use an Egg Conditioner

Your hair consists of 70 percent of a keratin protein. That protein provides moisture to your scalp while restoring hair follicles to their natural, healthy state. Creating an egg base conditioner works to preserve the levels of natural keratin present in your hair. The egg condition solution is easy to make.

Start by washing your hair as normal. Beat one egg and mix it with two tablespoons of organic olive oil. When you have a creamy substance, similar to a standard hair conditioner, coat your hair with the mixture and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Cover your hair in a towel and rinse the mixture out when the time is up. Regular use of this conditioner strengthens your hair to allow for natural hair growth within the first few weeks.

Coconut OIl Massage

Coconut oil naturally repels water and when you use it in your hair, it prevents excess water from saturating your hair strands. When a hair strand receives an excessive amount of water, it becomes brittle and easily breaks. Brittle, broken hair strands do not have the strength necessary to create a healthy breeding ground for hair growth.

Massaging your hair with a coconut oil mixture on a regular basis keeps excessive water from causing damage to your hair shafts. Gently massage three tablespoons of coconut oil into your scalp. Leave it sit for up to 30 minutes while wrapping your hair in a hot towel. When time is up, rinse the oil out of your hair and let it air dry.

These hair treatments only begin to scratch the surface of the options available for you to naturally grow your hair. Add any one of these methods to your daily hair care routine and you should start seeing positive hair growth results in no time.