Looking back on an old oral presentation from Year 8, on Globalisation, I scrambled to fill five minute time allocation and at the time, had no idea what I was talking about. I was clutching at straws, advocating the power of technological advancement, its opportunities and improvements for all countries involved.

Looking at our community’s obsession with innovation for the sake of innovation, I fear that I may have been very wrong…

The stories of two companies, leaders of their respective fields, share insight on this observation.

Casio brought the first fully electronic calculator to market in 1957 and for a time, continued to use mechanical calculators to ensure that their software was accurate — before shipping to market. By 1970 the mechanical calculator was obsolete and those still making them were out of business. …


Adam VB

I have a background in everything hospitality managing bars, clubs, pubs, gaming, cocktail and cafes. But coffee is what keeps me going and where my heart lies

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