I unabashedly love women. They have been one of the great delights of my life. I love the difficulties and the differences. What a woefully dreary world it would be if men and women were the same. So, it pains me to see so many women in so much pain.
Pretty As You Feel
Mike Essig

This is a strong message. Not just for women or just for men — it’s for everyone.

I believe there is an increasing amount of men who feel the same way as women. They feel like they have to conform to a sort of image portrayed by the hunky and ultra-masculine men.

It’s difficult for humans to realise that nothing is eternal, especially our looks, body and physical traits, for the sole reason that, like you mentioned, we are constantly sold the idea that young and thin is great.

How often do we see happy, confident and fulfilled older people on advertisement screens or any screens for that matter? It feels like a huge majority of the media content we receive today is tailored for the young and thin.

Thank you, Mike. I’ll be sure to share this with my friends.

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