Importance of Dental Sealants for Kids

If you find out that your kid has a cavity on his teeth, it would be present more likely in the back teeth. Back teeth, also called molars and premolars, are the permanent teeth which the kids get before any other permanent teeth erupt. Although these are the stronger teeth in the mouth, they face the risk of getting infected due to tooth decay and cavities. And these cavities and tooth decay happen to appear in the pits and fissures present in the chewing surface of the teeth. Now, the early infections in these teeth can certainly lead to bigger problems in the future. But the good news is that these infections can be prevented with the help of dental sealants.

Dental sealants and decay prevention

The pits and fissures in the chewing surface of the back teeth help a person chew his/her foods easily. However, these are also the areas which potentially serve as breeding ground for the acid producing bacterial because these pits and fissures allow food debris to settle in. flossing and brushing cannot be considered enough if you want to clean these areas. And since we are talking about dental health of kids, those young ones always find it difficult to brush their teeth no matter how well you teach them to take care of their dental hygiene. As a result, the food debris allows bacteria to have their sustenance and then release acids which can trigger the process of tooth decay. Now, covering these fissures with dental sealants can help the teeth to have necessary protection against bacterial infections.

Teeth which need to be sealed

The teeth with deep pits and fissures need to be sealed properly with the help of dental sealants. Now these pits and fissures can exist in both the primary and permanent teeth. You may tend to overlook the importance of sealing a primary tooth but the matter of fact is that these primary teeth are also needed to be sealed because a healthy primary tooth can keep gum health intact. Good health of gum is pretty important for the health of adult tooth which is to be erupted later on. One thing that is worth mentioning here is that the first molars erupt at the age of 6. These are the permanent teeth and these grow only once. Now, decay in these teeth in the early years can open the way for bigger infections in the later years of life. Therefore, it is a wiser idea to get those teeth sealed well in the early years.

Although sealants provide satisfactory protection to the teeth, it is important to take care of oral hygiene. Therefore, you need to teach your children how to brush and floss properly. Moreover, you need to take your kids to the dental visits regularly to get their oral health examined in timely manner.